Lost Gardens

These photos are from ‘The Lost Gardens Of Heligan‘ in Cornwall,UK

First built in the 1200’s, it’s a 1000 acre Garden that has an interesting history – once lost during WW1 and then used by the American troops for WW2 as a base, the gardens got overgrown. With the estates getting sold of as flats the gardens were lost. After a hurricane hit in the 90’s it was thought to be lost forever but with the help of Tim Smit and the families descendants they have re-established the gardens and are taking it back from the wild foliage; opening up new areas each year and are keen to keep uncovering more.

This place holds a special light with me as I helped to uncover a part of the gardens when I was in school – it’s nice to know that it was worth the effort and that the place is still being used and enjoyed by so many people:D







These next two images are statues made initially out of mud, with weeds, plants and small items added on top for the features πŸ˜€




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