A piece of history captured by a picture

I posted an image on Instagram and someone mentioned that it looks like a scene described by one of the Bronte sisters (they didn’t say who) this allowed me to share that their mother is from the area although I doubt they ever visited the church. While I was finding out when the church was built I also found out a bit about the history and thought I’d share it with you all, along with photos of course 😉

In Cornwall, UK in the fifth century this area was home to a church under the patron St Winwaloe


This is a statue of the man himself


This church is to represent the one originally built in in that time – this was heavily restored in 1869, but there are parts to it that are from the thirteenth century


This church is also known as ‘The church of storms’ which I love! and the surrounding area is called Gunwalloe, it has a small cove/beach under this name



I love this area of Cornwall, there are so many small beaches to explore and hardly anyone goes there. Its great for photos or just a quiet sit down with a book etc.


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