What’s this blog about?

Over here <^> (never down there) are some random lyrics/photos/quotes of all things that interest me and.. well.. maybe not you, but if you do like them then we have something in common so keep checking me out.

All photos uploaded on here are mine, taken by me, edited by me; unless I state that they are ones I found.  Pretty much though if it looks like a photograph – its mine 😀 feel free to like it and let me know that you do if you want to – I welcome compliments 😀 and even positive feedback.


11 thoughts on “What’s this blog about?

  1. Just a quick question: When did you start this blog? Just curious, because there’s a lot of content even though there’s only two categories in the archives :).

    • I’m very unsure of what you’re asking.. there are only months in the archive and I have a few different categories all with posts in them. Why would my start time relate to this. are you saying there is too much? 🙂

      • No, I was just wondering when you started. I was a bit overwhelmed at how much content you’ve created, and that’s a good thing! Better more content than none at all :). Just a comment on your layout/style of website; it’s sort of impossible to read anything, particularly your headings, which are in grey. That, and the default text size is a little to small. Just my thoughts! Feel free to ignore them, it’s your blog after all.

      • Oh..wow. I thought about you the other day.. thought you’d got lost in a maze 🙂 .. Yes I tried to post every day – at least something, as I only post photos and music I thought it wouldn’t annoy too many people.

        As for the headings .. I know! I’ve tried to change it but I can’t ?? I could put up a post saying sorry but I thought ‘well … no-one has mentioned it, I’ll leave it’. haha. Any suggestions on where to go to change it? I have looked around the edit parts but I just can’t see it. 🙂

      • Hah! Don’t worry, my escape from the mazes are only one mouse click away :). As for changing the size of headings in your theme, I don’t think you can, for free :(. It would be nice if WordPress gave you slightly more customizability (Is that a word? Autocorrect didn’t even flinch!) over the size of your headings and basic colours. Other than that, WP is great!

      • So glad you can make it out of the mazes 🙂
        Yeah that might be why I can change it 😦 I might have to change the background colour but I think I tried that and it didn’t improve it either. They don’t like to make it easy but what do you expect from a free service, like you said other than that it’s great.

        How is the book going by the way? Did you figure out what to do with the chapters?

        😀 x

      • Yeah, the book’s going great, thanks for asking! I’ll probably go with chapter names. I’ve just started holidays, and I’ve made a resolution to go internet free for the time :). Don’t worry, though. Over the course of the two weeks I’ve set up a bunch of posts to be automatically posted on my site, you can still feel like I’m online in spirit.

  2. Hi, thanks for following my blog. I’ve just enjoyed reading/seeing your post about ‘history captured in a photograph’, the church down in Cornwall. I love the way you were sparked by a chance remark to follow your curiosity and then share the resulting story with the rest of us

    • Hi. You are welcome and thank you back for following and checking out my photos 🙂 it’s greatly appreciated.

      Thank you too for your kind comment.. I do like to find things out about the history if I get the chance and the idea 🙂

      Hope you continue to enjoy my blog

      ~Have a beautiful day

  3. if i may..yep, i have to agree with that other dude..the theme is kinda too light on the fonts and yet too glaring white on the text page…sooooo, what would i do…i would get another theme. :)…just my loving help, offered to assist you in my own way m’dear. 🙂

    • Hi there SSE,
      Thank you for the thoughts.. did you mean the theme that I have up here is too glaring – it has been changed since Jed posted his thoughts 🙂 – all opinions welcome – I think this one is alright.. out of everything they have to offer, considering all parts of the blog this one turned out best.

      ~Have a beautiful day

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